Interstate Run slays the stage with high energy, killer musicianship, and thoughtful lyrics. Based out of KCMO, IR played classic KC venues like Davey’s Uptown Rambler, Knuckleheads, Californos, Uptown Arts Bar, The Scene, Captains and more contemporary venues such as Lemonade Park and the Warwick Theater. Featured on festival stages such as the Crossroads Music Festival, Rockstock, and Greenwood Freedom Festival. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Katerina Jae, driven by electric guitarists Chris Stefani and Charley Allen, dynamic bassist Walt Powell, and powered by the phenomenal Alex Boyd.

“Energetic rock band!!” -90.1 KKFI

“Very talented group and amazing people. Really enjoyed my time working with these guys and can’t wait to see where they go in the coming years. Look out KC.” -Avenue Record Company

“Infusion of powerful rhythm and tasty guitar licks with a frontwoman just as powerful and upbeat! Must go see!!!” -Kalani

“Great original rock band!!! Love the energy, love the sound!” Jason Johnson

220805 interstate run-389Frontperson and songbird Katerina Jae was classically trained on the b flat clarinet, classical acoustic guitar, and piano. She spent years secretly writing songs behind closed doors. It wasn’t until she started going to karaoke to get over her fear of singing in front of people, that she started sharing her songs with the world. She loves listening to Joywave, Run River North, Mazzy Star, Woodkid, Muse, Elton John, Lana del Rey, Young the Giant, Portishead, and Radiohead.

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Originally hailing from the Motor City, Chris Stefani brings the blue-collar attitude of his hometown into his no-nonsense musical approach.  With songwriting influence from the world of Springsteen, Seger, and Mellencamp paired with a guitar attack that draws from the blues, prog rock, and everything in between, Chris looks to create music that resonates with all aspects of the human experience.

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Guitarist Charley Allen, a bona fide string slinger of 15 years, decided at the height of a global pandemic that he wanted to become a rock star. Charley spent his early years in the lab and grinding in the Lawrence, KS scene learning the secrets of melodic madness for one goal – To make people move and groove. He loves listening to Prince, Ivory Blue, The Darkness, Walt Powell, & Chuck Mangione. You can also catch Charley with our friends over at IVORY BLUE!!

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Walt “P-Dub” Powell is a multi‐instrumentalist and producer who’s infectious bass grooves uniquely fuse technicality, countermelodies and booty shaking. Raised in South Africa, Walt discovered his love for world beats that can be heard in his eclectic approach. Walt’s musical projects have ranged from 80’s synth pop to reggae and punk with everything in between. Walt has played, written, recorded and toured with countless bands around Kansas City and San Francisco including favorites, The KB, DeLorean, The Prolific and the Pimp Jones Love Orchestra.

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Drummer Alex Boyd likes hanging with his buds, making noise and fighting for social justice. He’s played in all kinds of bands around town from punk rock to indie pop to blues over the last 23 odd years. His biggest pet peeve is guitar players who tell him the speed of a song is wrong. His all time favorite band is Tegan and Sara and favorite local is Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band.